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Friday, 30 November 2012

The Night Before Christmas {Flashback Friday}

The theme for this week's Flashback Friday is Christmas traditions and while we have a lot of traditions the thing I remember most from when I was little is Christmas Eve. Our Christmas days were different year to year depending on where we were for our dinner and who else was there but Christmas Eve has always been the same for as far back as I can remember and it's still the same now in my own house, with my own little family.

Firstly my parents would start preparing Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so the house always smelled amazing. Me and my brother would have a bath and my Mum would leave our new Christmas pyjamas on our beds to get changed into. New pyjamas are a must for Christmas Eve, this is probably the most important tradition kept up in my house! More often than not she would then plait my wet hair so it would be curly for Christmas Day. We then had to have an obligatory photo taken in front of the Christmas Tree, with our poor pets who were pounced on and grappled to stay still. In our house Father Christmas wasn't a fan of the traditional mince pie and sherry, we left a brandy and a Mars Bar. Coincidently, this was my Mum's favourite drink and my Dad's favourite chocolate! We haven't done this yet in our house but I think the sherry may be substituted for a whiskey. I still keep up the tradition of us having photos in front of the tree although I didn't manage to get the cat on one last year. I've dug out a small selection of our Christmas Eve photos and even thrown in one I found of hubby too. This year I will make sure that Lucas is subjected to the pyjama Christmas Eve shot, including cat!


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Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Funny Things You Do {14 months}

We are right on the cusp of 14 months as Lucas will be 15 months in just a few days time but this little boy keeps me so busy I barely find the time to write about all the new and amazing things he is doing. I've just read back my last 13 month post and it seems so long ago. When I'm with him every day I don't always spot the little changes in him like others do but when I come to write these posts I start to think about how much has changed, even in just a month.

I see more of his personality every day and although I find him very easy to look after I do have to say he can be a bit of a grump. He is so determined to do something independently and if you try to help him with it he'll just start all over again on his own. I'm starting to get some tantrums now when I tell him no, but he does at least stop doing what he was doing and they don't last for long...yet! He has always been so independent but this last week he has become more clingy. He used to go off at Tots and Tinies without a backward glance but now he checks to see where I am. Sometimes in the day he'll come and cling round my legs wanted me to hold him and we go and have a little cuddle on the sofa. A few weeks ago he never sat still long enough to be cuddled. I love this side of him as he becomes more affectionate but I also want him to be outgoing and independent  A friend who has a boy a week older than Lucas has said he is doing the same and won't let his Dad put him to bed; I think this might be a phase so I'll enjoy the snuggles while it lasts.

He absolutely loves his cuddly toys and one usually comes with us wherever we go. Flavour of the month is Fox (we are so creative with names), who came with us to my Nana's at the weekend; he held him by the neck and showed him round the room. Fox was shown the television, the door, the chairs, the fireplace all the while Lucas was obviously telling him about all these things. He seems to particularly enjoy showing Fox the outside world and will stand at the patio doors with him for ages; holding him up against the glass and chattering.

He loved to sort and stack things but mostly household items rather than toys. While I'm getting dressed in the morning he sits on the bathroom floor and stacks our toiletries or takes my bracelets in and out of an old jar that I keep them in. It amazes me how long he can be fascinated with a little task like that.

He is also getting quite sneaky and has begun to realise when he is doing something we wouldn't approve of. He constantly tries to drink his cousin's juice, even when he has the same thing in the same cup and more often than not he will guzzle the whole thing in one go so I tell him no, take the juice away and give him his own. Now if he spots his cousin's juice in the room he will have a sneaky look at me to see if I'm watching then grab the juice and make a dash for the corner of the room, hiding behind the sofa with his prize. It's so hard to keep a straight face, especially with his Grandma chuckling away!

We are yet to get any proper words but we are starting to get certain sounds for different things (hooray!) and he knows some words we are saying. Me and James were feeling quite smug as we called out bath time he would head for the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs; this probably lasted about three weeks and now he runs away and tries to hide so we won't take him up to bed.

The outside world has become a source of endless fascination. I'll let him walk with me round some of the park now and he just wants to break free and explore; I can feel him tugging at my hand when he spots a dog, or a goose or even a pile of mud or leaves that he wants to go and walk through. Whenever he steps on something that feels different he does a little jig; my mum calls it a champion little dance.

The time is flying by and when I look at him now I can't believe he was the same little baby that I was holding in my arms this time last year. I don't think I will ever get bored of watching him learn new things and he makes me a very proud Mummy.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

Firstly let me just say that I am a massive fan of Christmas and this isn't at all meant to be a 'bah humbug' kind of post but I must admit I have found the run up to the festive period more stressful this year. Now we are the swing of it I don't feel as bad but a couple of weeks ago the thought of it was making my stomach churn. I think most of it is down to the fact we now have less money coming in since I have chosen to be a stay at home mum. I am loving being home with my little boy and I wouldn't change it but it does occasionally give us some money worries. Also, the thought of going out Christmas shopping with a toddler fills me with dread and the thought of hunting out Christmas gifts on a budget can be a bit daunting. My family are quite sensible with gifts and we set a limit but even so I do like to put thought into my presents to show my lovely family and friends how much they have been appreciated over the year.

Last year I got some lovely home made presents from friends and to me they mean as much, if not more than a bought gift. Someone has taken the time and care to make something, and more often than not it is a tasty morsel!

Although I have still bought a lot of my presents I also wanted to have a go at including something home made as a little stocking filler. I've have already made my own chutney which is merrily maturing in the kitchen cupboard and I also hope to make some Christmassy biscuits and maybe try my hand at some fudge. This is the first year I have given it a go and maybe as the years go on I will get more adventurous. I'm not very crafty (would like to try salt dough decorations though) but I do like to bake and cook so I thought this would be a great way of making my own home made presents and saving a few of those pennies!  I hope that people will appreciate a home made gift; I will have put lots of love and effort in, and of course I am giving them in the hopes that they will be very tasty and greatly enjoyed over the Christmas period! Is anyone else giving some home made gifts this year and are you looking forward to receiving any?

Monday, 26 November 2012

Our Week That Was #10

This past week has been a wash out really, Lucas has been poorly with a virus so it has meant practically a whole week indoors. Monday through to Wednesday were pretty much the same; cuddles on the sofa, Disney films while I plied him with plenty of juice and fruit. He started to perk up on Thursday and had a day at Grandma and Grandad's but was ready for an early night when he came home. 

After a good sleep I decided we had to get out for a walk on the Friday, I definitely needed the fresh air so I wrapped him up and we went to the local park. As we walked past the playground he started his excited chattering so I let him have a quick swing then we went and parked up by the squirrels to give them some nuts. He slept the rest of the way home but getting out made me feel so much better; I was getting so lethargic staying the the house all day. That evening I went to a friends house to have a catch up with the lovely ladies who I went to university with and a fun night was had by all.

Saturday was a busy day so I was glad Lucas was feeling more like his normal self. We were looking after his cousin and taking them to see Postman Pat in our local town. It was a free event put on by the council and held in the big Parish Church in the town centre. The show is about 20 minutes long but I thought it was great for a free event and Lucas woke up just in time to catch Postman Pat and Jess. We also had a lovely visit from my friend who is away over Christmas so we had an early festive brunch to exchange our presents (a Santa hat may have even found its way downstairs). It's fair to say that I was pretty excited by the first present; some snuggle socks but I was totally blown away by the next gift; a gift voucher for us to go to Harry Potter Studio Tours! We are hoping to go some time in the new year so expect to hear lots about that, I am so excited!!

On Sunday the hubby had some work to be getting on with so me and Lucas went off to visit my Nana for the day. It is always lovely and we get looked after; she had even baked some of her famous scones for us and I caught up with the family, all in all a lovely day to round off the week.

Getting out on the swings, cuddles on the sofa, early Christmas with friends, Squirrel!
Watching Postman Pat, inside the Church, James with his nephew, someone can reach the books now.


Friday, 23 November 2012

Under the Weather {Flashback Friday}

It's been quiet on the old blog this week; our little man has come down with the lurgy but now he seems on the road the recovery, normal life can resume. He isn't a very cuddly little boy; he will come to snuggle occasionally but it usually too busy playing to bother sitting with us. This week however I haven't been able to leave the room, or the sofa; he was a permanent fixture hanging round my neck! I was also on the phone to my Mum and fair bit, describing his symptoms for the official 'mummy diagnosis.' 

I started thinking about when I was younger and became poorly and how nice it was to be looked after by your Mum. I went through a spell in Primary School when I got tonsillitis a fair bit but other than that I wasn't often ill. When I was though it meant a day in my Mum and Dads bed and Mum would supply me with my favourite comfort food; Heinz Cream of Chicken soup and buttered bread, egg custard tarts, banana and custard and ice cream. I would sometimes get a colouring book or a puzzle book too. Even now if I'm feeling under the weather I crave my comfort food, it really does make me feel better. This week I bought Lucas a sticker book and some egg custards (which Mummy may have tested too) as he really was feeling quite sorry for himself. 

I know things are getting back to normal now because the snuggles on the sofa have stopped; I'm so glad he is getting back to his usual safe but I have secretly been enjoying all the cuddles!

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Graduation Day {Flashback Friday}

In celebration of my Mum starting to read my blog I thought I would do a little Flashback Friday post about her and a very special day earlier this year. This summer, after two years of studying as well as working full time, she graduated with a Certificate in Education. My mum left school at sixteen and went straight to work; she would have loved to have carried on with her education but it wasn't the done thing for many at that time. She married, had children and did whatever jobs fit around family life. She was at home with me and my brother and found jobs that she could either do from home or that she could work in of an evening. It's only since we have grown up that she has found a love of education and has worked very hard to pursue it and get the qualifications needed which will hopefully lead to lots of exciting opportunities in the future. 

On a lovely July day myself, my brother and my Nana proudly watched her don a cap and gown, receive her certificate then throw her cap in the air. My mum was there for both our graduations so it was pretty exciting to be there for hers. We now have a very snazzy graduation picture of her to add to our collection!

As a stay at home mum she is such an inspiration to me; even though I have put my career on hold I know that I will never be too old to learn new things and start out on a new career path. I hope I will can be as determined as she has been and that I will be brave enough to try something new. She has achieved so much already but I know that the best is yet to come and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day she will be doing something she truly loves because she deserves it.

(Sorry I have been absent for a couple of weeks!)


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

November Books

I didn't get chance to do an October books post as I was still reading most of my books from September! I do miss being able to read whenever I would like to. I have to grab my chances now when there is a bit of peace. 

I finally finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.  I really enjoyed the whole series but it took me a while to read; not that it was difficult to get through but I did tend to take a break and try something else in between. I wouldn't usually read anything like these novels and I'm glad I gave them a go. You never know if books like this are going to be worth the hype but these definitely were.

I have also finished Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling. I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see what this lady would turn to next. I am a massive Harry Potter fan and have been reading the books since I was a teenager. As much as I would like to read more about her magical world I understand why she has done something different.  It’s so difficult to read it, put Harry Potter out of your mind and not compare the two. I'm not sure that saying I enjoyed this book would be the right phrase; it isn't always easy reading but stayed on my mind once I had put the book down. One thing J K Rowling has shown she is great at is writing characters, whether you love them or loathe them you always understand their actions and that is what she has done in this tale. What I loved about it is that as the story starts you think it is going to be a nice easy going novel with a tongue in cheek look at English village life yet the story turns out to be quite tragic. As the book goes on you learn more about the people, what makes them tick and it has very strong moral and political undertones. When you are first introduced to the characters you think you have got them pegged however, you read on, learn more about them realise there is much more to them than it would first appear. I suppose that’s the point of the book and it’s something we do every day; judge someone before we know them. I don’t know anyone else who has read this yet so I would love to hear what other people think about it.

I'm still dipping in and out of The Hobbit and I really want to finish it before the film comes out. If you have read my other book posts then you’ll know this is one of my favourite books and I re-read it a lot. I cannot wait to see the film! We don’t get to go to the cinema as much as we used to anymore but there are certain films I make sure we go and see and this will be one of them.

I've just started to read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet on my kindle which I have got into really quickly. It is a beautifully written story and already is on my mind; I looking forward to reading more. I love that you can start to read a book without knowing anything about it and then you want to find out more about the author and see what might have influenced them to write. I'm also thinking about reading Game of Thrones but they are such big books it keeps putting me off. My husband has read the first few and we both love the TV series so I am tempted.  I must confess I have also read the first two Sylvia Day books in between all these, every girl needs a bit of light reading now and again! Any good books that you are reading this month?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Road Safety {Guest Post}

I was recently invited to join the Sainsbury's Bank Family Blogger Network and was also asked if I would like to feature a guest post on my blog. As someone who has had her fair share of disastrous car journeys I thought this might be useful to everyone, not just women. As the weather starts to turn and we are busy in the Christmas rush it is always important to stay safe on the roads. Thank you Jeremy for contributing to my blog!

A woman’s guide to safety on the road

For any driver, being safe and feeling safe on the road is of paramount importance. But it’s not unusual for women, in particular, to feel vulnerable when travelling alone.
Here are some tips that can help you to step into your vehicle with confidence.

Plan your long journey

One way to reduce anxiety about travelling alone is to plan your route in advance. There are many useful websites available for this, such as the AA Route Planner.
A good alternative is the Via Michelin site, which offers you several routes to choose from, as well as other pertinent information. You can choose the most economical route, or use the sightseeing option to find out about pleasant places to stop on your journey.
A good sat nav will also help you to be sure of your route. But whatever navigational tool you use, knowing where you are going and how to get there can make you feel more comfortable and confident in the car.


Before setting off on any long journey, check your oil and coolant levels, screen wash and tyre pressure. Most of these tasks are straightforward, but can make all the difference when it comes to preventing a breakdown.
If you are unsure, ask a friend for help, or contact a professional mechanic to help you understand a little more about vehicle maintenance. If you don’t mind spending the money, you can also book your car into your local garage for a quick once over and service.
It pays to be prepared in case you do break down. In winter, pack warm clothes, a blanket, a torch, a high-visibility jacket and a warning triangle. Be sure to have a fully charged mobile phone with you: you can buy phone chargers that plug into your car.
Breakdown cover might be a good idea if you are planning a long journey on your own. It is reassuring to know that you can get assistance quickly and easily, should you need it.
A good car insurance policy sometimes includes breakdown cover as standard, or you can pay to add it to your policy. When acquiring a new car insurance quote, be vigilant for other extras which might be available, such as overnight accommodation in the event of a breakdown.

On the road

If you feel vulnerable on the road, there are several things you can do to stay safe in the car.

On the road
If you feel vulnerable on the road, there are several things you can do to stay safe in the car.
  • In static traffic, lock your doors and wind up your windows.
  • Do not respond to anyone (other than the police) who approaches you while you’re in your vehicle, or signals for you to pull over.
  • Don’t leave valuables on display in the car, and don’t drive with your handbag on the passenger seat. There’s no harm in being overly cautious, and keeping valuables out of sight can reduce the chances of anyone attempting to gain access to your vehicle.
Follow these guidelines and you can feel safer on the road and more confident about travelling alone.

A little bit about the author:
Jeremy Chapman is a regular contributor to the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog, and loves writing about driving. In his spare time he can usually be found making himself giddy in a Go Kart!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Our Week That Was #9

The weather seemed to allow me to get out and about this week. On Monday I took a long walk down to see Lucas' Grandma and Grandad. His cousin was there too so we stayed for a little while and let the boys play. It's great for tiring them both out and we try to get them together as often as possible so we get a good nap out of them! Tuesday we went to Tots and Tinies in the morning and it was the first time I walked there and was quite surprised that it was fairly quick, although I was trying to keep up with grandma who is a bit of a power walker. Tuesday afternoon my brother popped in on his way home from work with his new hog! He has a job with early hours so needed a new form of transportation, the thought of him on a bike terrifies me but I know he will be sensible. Wednesday I was saying goodbye to my faithful auto mobile  Since we moved and I finished work we couldn't justify the cost of two cars, especially when I can walk to so many places. Still it was a shame to see my little car go, I have had her for ten years and she has served me well. 

Thursday I got out for another long walk round our local park and I let Lucas walk for some of it. It was the first time I have let him loose and although people were lapping us round the lake he really enjoyed it. Every time a dog went past we had to stop and watch it and I had a hard time getting him away from the ducks and the geese. It's a bit scary for me to see him growing up so fast and to think by next summer he will be running round the park. Friday we went to the library in the morning and them spent the rest of the day with his cousin, again tired them both out so we got a bit of peace in the afternoon.

Saturday I was meeting up with an old friend from university in Liverpool. There is an amazing coffee shop opened there called Central Perk and it is set out just like the one from Friends! I absolutely love it, and they even have episodes of Friends playing. To be honest I thought it might just be a fad but the coffee and cake in there are amazing and it is very chilled out. Sadly I couldn't get on the big orange sofa so I will have to return to claim it. Again I got a little bit of baby free time, I must confess I am quite enjoying these little escapes; especially when they are in Friends themed coffee shops!

On Sunday we fancied getting out in some fresh air so we went to Croxteth Park, you can read about our day here. It was lovely to spend some time as a family and get away for a little bit and it was are first time showing Luca the farm animals. Again he did a lot of walking and we are looking forward to getting out with him more. That is all our adventures for this week.

Me outside Central Perk, coffee and cake, my brother and his hog, horses at the farm, riding the tractors.

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Beauty & The Beast

Something about the months leading up to Christmas always makes me think of Disney. On cold winter days my mum would take me and my brother down to the video shop to rent some films. I always chose a Disney film and I have so many I love. We would settle in the living room, while my mum usually got on with some ironing, and enjoy watching our films. 

If I had to choose a favourite it would be Beauty and the Beast. I would watch that over and over, a couple of times a day, and in the end I got my own copy to save my mum the trips to the video shop. I think Belle is bit more of a daring heroine; she saved the Beast in the end and created her own happy ever after. Oh, and she loved books!What more could a little girl ask for? I still have it in my Disney collection today and although Lucas shows more of an interest in Toy Story I still pop Beauty and the Beast on now and again.

I've been to Disneyland Paris over Christmas and it is pretty special. I love it as much as an adult as I did when I was a child. Paris Est is one of Al Fresco Holiday’s holiday parks that is close to Disney Land Paris, with some great deals currently available for 2013 bookings. I can't wait to visit Disney Land with Lucas but in the meantime I've been making a few sneaky visits to the Disney shop for Christmas presents, after all Father Christmas needs some help!

This is a sponsored post but I am actually a bit Disney mad!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tractors & Tails

Today we made a visit to Croxteth Hall & Country Park. It is one of those places that is very close to us but we hardly ever think to go there. When I got up this morning and saw that the sun was shining it seemed like we would waste the day by staying indoors so why not go out and get some fresh air. After a quick call to my Mum she recommended we try Croxteth Hall and I'm really glad she did. It's has been the Earl of Seftons land since the 16th century but when the last Earl died in the 1970s it was passed over to Liverpool City Council. We got lucky with some beautiful weather and ended up spending the whole day there. The great thing about this historic hall is that you can go round all the gorgeous grounds and the adventure park for free and if you want to pay extra you can visit the hall itself and the farm. 

We decided to go round the hall and the farm as well as having a little walk round the grounds. It's very accessible for pushchairs but Lucas was quite happy to have a wander round the farm himself; although he mostly wanted to go on the ride-on tractors! We saw some lovely farm animals and it was a great opportunity for Lucas to get out and walk. So many of the animals he hasn't seen before; it's good fun for us to see him starting to take notice of the world around him. He particularly seemed to like the horses and spent a long time in the stables chatting to them.

There is great playground and an outdoor gym; Lucas had nodded off by the time we got back to the playground but we hope to visit again so I'm sure he'll test it out! The grounds are lovely and there are plenty of walks round the large estate but not all of them are pushchair friendly so we stuck to the main paths. There is also a Walled Garden which I was a bit disappointed to see was closed as I imagine it to be like The Secret Garden! By the time we were ready to come home Lucas had well and truly tired himself out but he had been full of smiles all day.

Saying hello to the horses, walking round the farm, tired out, little piggies.
Walks round the estate, outdoor gym, outside the hall.


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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Making Friends

I have been the first of my group of friends to have a baby; I was 27 when Lucas was born at which time none of my close friends had any children or even the signs of one on the horizon. We recently moved back to our home town and it has been lovely being closer to our friends and family. They have been great at adjusting to our new addition and in some ways it is just business as usual. We didn't go out much anyway, and our friends will still come round for dinner. They are all great with Lucas; one of James' friend even spent the weekend at our house when I was away at my best friends hen do. They come along with us on little trips out; they’ll quite happily eat out with us even when we have to go to family friendly restaurants. Of course there are things that have changed, we can’t decide to go out at a moment’s notice; a night out has to be planned months in advance and I will generally start yawning at any point past 10 pm. However, I really appreciate that they have all just got stuck into our new family life and hopefully there will be some babies in the future.

In the meantime, especially now I'm at home full time with Lucas, it would be nice to have some mummy friends.  As great as our friends have been, they all work full time and it would be lovely if Lucas had more children to play with. We go to a couple of parent and toddler groups but it’s so much more difficult meeting new people now than it ever was when I was younger! As soon as Lucas is out his pushchair he is off without a care in the world and happily plays on his own or watches the other children. I'm generally chasing round after him making sure he isn't either stealing someone’s toy while their back is turned or eating the Play Mobil figures so there isn't much time to have a chat with the parents. We are all the same, I just about manage to say hello and introduce myself and Lucas and then our children go their separate ways and that’s it.

We moved around when I was a girl so I've been to a few different schools. When I was younger I made new friends relatively easy. Maybe it reveals more about my insecurities but I feel a bit like the new kid at school when I start a new parent and toddler group. There is always some parents who know each other…it can seem difficult to approach and infiltrate these groups! At my first one a child minder took pity on me and came to chat to me. Now I'm starting to recognise people and remember their children’s names. I went to Read and Rhyme at our library and was thrilled when I recognised a mum from my parent and toddler group; I could actually say hello to someone! It’s great chatting to parents in your area because you get all the best tips about which places are baby-friendly and which groups are worth going to. I feel like I need chance to settle in as much as Lucas does!  As the weeks have gone on I've been able to chat to some lovely mums. We have realised all our little ones will be in the same year in school which is nice to think they could stay friends for a long time.  I love that I can feel free to talk them about nappies or tantrums without boring them. My old friends are amazing; I grew up with them and they know everything about me but I'm excited about making some new friends along with Lucas.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A New Autumn

I feel like this year I have seen Autumn in a whole new light and had a chance to fall in love with it all over again. If I had not had my son I would have viewed this gorgeous season through my office window. Going to and from work I might see the leaves changing colour and falling but I wouldn't have crunched through them and collected the prettiest ones. I certainly wouldn't have stomped out in the rain voluntarily and I wouldn't have had a chance to see the wildlife at this time of year.

This year I have immersed myself in Autumn and me and Lucas has took advantage of everything it has had to offer. I don’t know whether it has always been like this and I just haven’t seen it.  The colours of the leaves seem to be particularly lively this year and there have been some perfect, crisp Autumn days to enjoy. We have collected leaves, pines cones and conkers which have been displayed in the house. We have donned our waterproofs and wellington boots to go puddle jumping in a deserted playground. We have wrapped up warm and fed the ducks, geese, pigeons and squirrels in our local park. We have played in the leaves, walked through them, sat in them and threw them up in the air. We get outside as often as we can; it’s amazing to watch Lucas as he discovers the world around him and it hasn't cost us a penny (apart from the nuts for the squirrels). Not only is it great for Lucas but it is great for me; this is how I remember Autumn from my childhood and I'm able to delight in it all again through my sons eyes. 
All in all it has been a lovely couple of months and I couldn't think of a better person to experience it with; to think I could have missed it all. 

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Our Week That Was #8

Another busy week, with Halloween, lots of family visits, baking and playing with pumpkins; we never seemed to stop. Monday my Nana came to visit us but before she came we had a quick hour to paint some pumpkins and decorate the house. I must admit that Lucas wasn't too interested in the painting but I had a great time! Tuesday morning we went to Tots and Tinies and that afternoon I attempted to get my baking done, not easy with a toddler. However, I did make a pumpkin pie and some Halloween fairy cakes. Halloween day we had Lucas' cousin and Grandma and Grandad visiting in the day; Lucas dressed up as our little pumpkin and Mummy and Daddy even made an effort! That evening Nanny came for tea and we all enjoyed the pumpkin pie, it was delicious. Such a shame I only make it once a year. 
Little Pumpkin, pumpkin pie, Mummy witch, Halloween pumpkins, Halloween Daddy, fairy cakes.

On Thursday I met Lucas' Grandma and cousin for a very long walk and the boys had a fun afternoon playing. It's great to let them loose together and I get a really good nap out of him afterwards, always good for Mummy. Friday we went to our local library, had a quiet afternoon in, then had some friends round for a naughty take away. Saturday morning I was meeting my two best friends for coffee; although they both love to see Lucas I decided he could have some quality Daddy time. It was so nice to be able to have a brew and chat without any distractions, sometimes the simplest things are a real treat and we were there for hours catching up. On Sunday we had another treat, lunch at my mums! We took Lucas to the park I used to play at when I was little and he watched Toy Story with my brother in the afternoon. We only moved back closer to family a couple of months ago but I love being able to catch up with everyone so easily and even when we are mad busy, we are never bored. That's our adventures for the week.

Cuddles with Nana, chilling and Grandma and Grandads, watching Toy Story with Uncle.

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