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Monday, 12 November 2012

Our Week That Was #9

The weather seemed to allow me to get out and about this week. On Monday I took a long walk down to see Lucas' Grandma and Grandad. His cousin was there too so we stayed for a little while and let the boys play. It's great for tiring them both out and we try to get them together as often as possible so we get a good nap out of them! Tuesday we went to Tots and Tinies in the morning and it was the first time I walked there and was quite surprised that it was fairly quick, although I was trying to keep up with grandma who is a bit of a power walker. Tuesday afternoon my brother popped in on his way home from work with his new hog! He has a job with early hours so needed a new form of transportation, the thought of him on a bike terrifies me but I know he will be sensible. Wednesday I was saying goodbye to my faithful auto mobile  Since we moved and I finished work we couldn't justify the cost of two cars, especially when I can walk to so many places. Still it was a shame to see my little car go, I have had her for ten years and she has served me well. 

Thursday I got out for another long walk round our local park and I let Lucas walk for some of it. It was the first time I have let him loose and although people were lapping us round the lake he really enjoyed it. Every time a dog went past we had to stop and watch it and I had a hard time getting him away from the ducks and the geese. It's a bit scary for me to see him growing up so fast and to think by next summer he will be running round the park. Friday we went to the library in the morning and them spent the rest of the day with his cousin, again tired them both out so we got a bit of peace in the afternoon.

Saturday I was meeting up with an old friend from university in Liverpool. There is an amazing coffee shop opened there called Central Perk and it is set out just like the one from Friends! I absolutely love it, and they even have episodes of Friends playing. To be honest I thought it might just be a fad but the coffee and cake in there are amazing and it is very chilled out. Sadly I couldn't get on the big orange sofa so I will have to return to claim it. Again I got a little bit of baby free time, I must confess I am quite enjoying these little escapes; especially when they are in Friends themed coffee shops!

On Sunday we fancied getting out in some fresh air so we went to Croxteth Park, you can read about our day here. It was lovely to spend some time as a family and get away for a little bit and it was are first time showing Luca the farm animals. Again he did a lot of walking and we are looking forward to getting out with him more. That is all our adventures for this week.

Me outside Central Perk, coffee and cake, my brother and his hog, horses at the farm, riding the tractors.

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  1. The friends coffee shop sounds mad- it would be interesting to go there. I also find it mad when I look at Mads and see her running around- this time last year she wasn't even one or walking and now she is a fully fledged little person! x

    1. It's funny because I've been reading your blog for a while and seen your Mads changing but all of a sudden she seems like a proper little girl! I love this age because every day I see Lucas doing something new, it really is amazing (and scary!) xx


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