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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Two Years

Two years ago today was my wedding day. It was an incredibly special day and absolutely perfect for the two of us. I have so many wonderful memories of the day itself and the days leading up to it that even two years on I occasionally still bore people with it; so now it’s your turn! Don't worry, this won't be a blow-by-blow account but I will share some of my memories and favourite pictures from the day itself.

Firstly, we were blessed with the most amazing weather; a crisp, sunny Autumn day. I had to get up super early on the actual day for the hair and make up lady to make a start. I sat in the chair in my mums room and there was lots of hustle and bustle going on. I was waiting for the nerves to kick in but they stayed at bay. I remember looking in the mirror to the room behind me and seeing lovely family and friends, there to support me and feeling truly happy. My mum was in her element chatting to my friends and fussing over me, she had made a little photo board with pictures of me on which was giving everyone a good chuckle. My two best friends which I have know since I was four were putting on some tunes, taking some pictures and chattering away to me and everyone around them. My maid of honour was an amazing friend I met at university and she was mostly stressing that she couldn't get into her room yet; but I know her so well that it was making me laugh…it’s so typical of her to worry. My sister-in-law who was six months pregnant had treated herself to a bucks fizz and was the only one eating, she is so bubbly and was keeping everyone entertained. My brother was giving me away and he was bobbing in and out the room, checking everything was going to plan, checking on my husband and the guests and making me proud.

On my way out of the room and heading towards the ceremony I had my Mum, my brother and my bridesmaids with me and we stopped for some photo opportunities  I was still feeling good, not too jittery or emotional; until I looked at my best friend and saw her welling up. I had to tell her to stop otherwise we would both be off and I couldn't have a tear stained face before I walked down the aisle.

We lined up outside the room the bridesmaids were all ready up in front on me and they disappeared into the room to the sound the harp. I clung onto my brothers arm and we started to go in, as I entered the room I remember seeing the grins on some of my closest friends. I turned the corner to come down the aisle the nerves hit me and started to struggle to breath, my brother told me to calm down and I made it down the aisle to James and started to feel back to normal.

 During the ceremony me and James where both very nervous we stood so far apart and only held hands when the registrar said had pointed out that we could. We are a silly pair.

As we were coming out of the room our family and friends followed and looking back at the video I saw my brother holding hands with James mum and my mum holding hands with James dad, it never fails to make me smile.

We were able to have a moment to ourselves while we had our photos taken, a chance to say hello as husband and wife.

We spent so long outside having photographs taken, it was such a blur, seeing so many different faces and people coming and going. The lovely best man stayed close throughout and when I had been abandoned by my bridesmaids he helped me carry my dress.

After the meals me and James managed to escape back to our room for a very very limited amount of peace! This was lovely, sometimes you feel like you have hardly spoke to each other. I changed out of my heels and into my purple converse for the evening and we headed back out to dance the night away.

The evening was everything we had hoped for, everyone was relaxed, happy and there was lots of dancing, lots of laughing and a fair bit of drinking too. We made it through our first dance to Love You Till The End by The Pogues. I loved standing looking at the dance floor and seeing James with his friends screaming along to Mr Brightside. Me and the girls had a good dance to Proud Mary. Everyone joined in with an impromptu Irish jig to Streams of Whiskey.. Right at the end of the night I got some Take That which me and my sister-in-law immediately got up to dance and sing along to.

Me and James had to fight to stay together during the day because everyone was coming up and talking to us but this is one of my favourite pictures, taken by a friend. This was just after the ceremony and we managed to stay close to each other and take in the scene. I was overwhelmingly happy. 

In the last two years we have had a baby, changed jobs and moved house. It hasn't always been easy and there have been tears but we have grown up together, he is my best friend and we never fail to make each other laugh. 

Happy Anniversary James.

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  1. Hayley you looked so beautiful and happy that day. James looked Uber smart and was beaming all day and night. It was a really fantastic day and the party was so good too!!
    Happy anniversary to you both x


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