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Monday, 10 September 2012

Our Week That Was #2

This week has been my first full week as a stay at home mum. My husband was back in work after his summer holidays and I was looking forward to having Luca all to myself. Monday and Tuesday were quiet days; we pottered around the house, went to the shops and visited the park. 

On Wednesday we went shopping with my brother so I had a good catch up with him. I didn’t buy anything for myself but I did get some bargains in H&M for Luca and I couldn’t resist a couple of books for him from Waterstones. While I was in there I saw you could pre-order the new J K Rowling book so I must go back and pick that up when it is out! 

On Thursday we went to the playground bright and early at 9am and we had it all to ourselves. Luca suddenly turned into an adventurer and went climbing up everything in sight. This lead me to order reins when I got home, he has given up holding my hand already! He is turning into a very independent little boy, which part of me loves but I also love his cuddles.

Friday we had a quiet morning; more walking. Grandma and Grandad were back from their little holiday in the Lake District so we had a visit from them in the afternoon and they brought us some treats too. 

On Saturday the hubby very kindly took Lucas out for the day so I could reorganise our kitchen. The weather was so nice as well and I was stuck indoors but I am happy with my productive day. To make up for my day indoors James suggested we go out on Sunday. The weather was still good so we packed a picnic and headed off to Formby. We had such a lovely day, even if we did get lost on the Red Squirrel Walk (and didn’t see any red squirrels).  James is usually so busy with work at the weekend but we are going to try and have more family days out; Luca had so much fun at Formby and it really tired him out! It was so nice to get out the house and we both got to spend quality time with Lucas. I treasure these days so much, they leave us with happy memories. That’s all our adventures for this week.

Adventuring in the park, shopping for books, a quiet walk, me and the hubby, sandy little feet.

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  1. You have an adorable family and the fact that you get to spent time with your brother, it's so nice to have big family.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

    1. Thanks Tereza, it's very kind of you and I'm glad you liked the blog. I've only just started really so nice to know people are enjoying it.

      I've started following yours, it's great and I love all the pictures!


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