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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Viking Invasion

Yesterday our local town was having a Viking Festival. My husband is very excited by anything Viking related so we have had this date in our calendar for some time. I must admit I do like it too but I also enjoy teasing him about his geeky behaviour when it comes to Dark Age history! Sometimes you see these events advertised and when you actually go they never seem quite as good as you hoped but I have to say that we had a great morning there. There were plenty of ‘Vikings’ roaming about the Church Square;  hubby excitedly darted about before finally chatting to a very pleasant Northman who kindly explained some Viking games to him, most of which involved drinking and bluffing! He also made two Viking coins; one for Luca and one for our nephew who came for a day out with us. He has been proudly showing these off to anyone who enters our house! The boys were too young to take part in the activities but there was plenty for families; make your own pottery, storytelling, rope making, weaving and battle re-enactments. 

We are quite lucky because we live close to two big cities so we have access to some great free events but our local town has made a real effort this year with entertaining goings-on, especially for families. It has encouraged us to research some more events and in a couple of weeks we will be going to meet Mike the Knight and at the end of October there is a ‘Pirate Week’ we’ll be attending. Have you tried any free local events with your family?


  1. Woah that's one big viking! Getting to music festivals is our favourite outing. Luckily my husband's in a band so we get to sneak in for free :)

  2. I know! My husband is 6'3" and he was dwarfed by this man! Ooh, music festivals is a good one and a bonus that you get in for free too :)


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